Photos tips

      What  makes a great photo            for pet portraits.?

  • Photos taken outside are ideal.

  • Pets should not be squinting in bright light.

  • Photos taken at the same  level of your pet work really well. 

  • Taken on your phone are brilliant. 

  • Send us several to capture your pets personality. 

  • Unsure, send us a few to look at. 

  • We can compose multiple pets into a portrait from separate photos.  You will receive a composition for your approval .

  • Upload your photos and send attached to an email.

  • We can work from old printed photos, depending on their quality and your expectations. Let's chat . 

Gift Vouchers

  • Gift vouchers are non refundable and can not be exchanged.

  • They are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.